Duff Clawson Creative is centered on the principle:

To motivate someone to a desired action -
whether it's to purchase your product, 
select your service, or believe your message -
you must grab them emotionally.

Through the years, DCC has partnered with some of the most creative people and agencies in the business to successfully motivate consumers through their emotionally grabbing messages - along the way garnering numerous kudos from (but not limited to) Telly, AAF, IBA, and a " phantom* " Clio.

Recently, DCC has expanded its marketing, branding, writing, directing. and producing services to include computer animation, storyboards, and pre-visualization - with clients spanning the globe from L.A. to Moscow**.

Come partner with us.  Let's go motivate someone, together.

*That was the year the Clio Awards went bust.  No Clio was awarded.  As far as anyone knows, DCC and partners won.
**Not Idaho.  Russia!