I consider myself a "Creative Ghost". It's my job to make you and your clients look good. Let's say you want a campaign, a concept, or maybe a marketing strategy? I'm your man.  If you already know what you want to do but simply want say, a script or a storyboard -- an animated storyboard, even? I can help you there. Maybe you just need a director? C'est moi. And of course, if you need the whole kit 'n caboodle? Well...

In short, some of my clients hire me to be their freelance creative director. Others want me just to direct. But the majority of my work lands somewhere in the middle.
What I do is simple. I’m a translator. I take a marketing strategy or concept and translate it into a message consumers respond to.

Please wander through my site - but not too fast. There’s a lot to see and who knows, you just might have a lot of fun along the way. I know you'll be impressed with what you'll find. Then please give me a call. I'd love to work with you.